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Our new Recycled Bottle Greenhouse

We talk lots with the children at the nursery about recycling, climate, and how we can all make small changes to help our planet.  As part of our desire to promote recycling, we have built a recycled bottle greenhouse so the children can enjoy gardening throughout the year and we can all enjoy eating the fruit and vegetables we have produced ourselves.

The greenhouse was built using empty bottle contributions from our children’s families, staff, and several generous donations from one of the parents of a child at nursery. Measuring 8 x 6ft (2.5m x 1.8m) the frame was gifted on a local giving page by a lady whose elderly father loved gardening – we’re so pleased we can give an extra lease of life to it, and keep his love of gardening going.

The greenhouse has used over 1,500 plastic bottles and 150 garden canes in its creation! Each bottle was washed, cut to size, and stacked vertically on the canes which were fixed to the metal framework making insulated child-safe sides.

We hope it will give us lots of fun for years to come as we expand our outdoor area further.