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Teacher Led Pre-School

Three – Five years

Pre-school is a very important time where we start preparing your little ones for school.

Our Pre-school rooms are full of exciting activities and equipment to encourage their skills and imagination to develop. They will start to develop all the necessary skills that they will need to give them the foundation they need for when they start school. They will further develop their pencil control and start writing letters including their own name, learn to cut safely with scissors, put on their own coat and shoes, start to serve their own meals and snacks and help to clear up after play and meal times.

The children are encouraged to develop a strong love of books and often love playing ‘teacher’ reading aloud to their friends. Their concentration, language and communication skills are now very strong and they thrive on the praise and respect given to them by the staff who treat them all as special individuals.
They enjoy lots of extra curriculum activities such as yoga, puppet shows, music and dance lessons. They grow their own vegetables and go on local trips to the surrounding parks. They perform a Christmas Nativity play as well as taking a part in a Pre-school Graduation ceremony.

We are incredibly proud to have Danielle, a Qualified Primary School Teacher to lead our Pre-school team in order to give the children that extra head start. We can confidently say, that our Pre-schoolers really do get the very best start ready for school and we are very proud of all of our happy, clever and confident children.

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