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An introduction to Urban Forest School

The staff had a great team building evening at the end of January where we introduced our new Urban Forest School to them.

Forest School learning is an exciting concept and one which our staff are passionate about. For some of the team it was a new experience, for others it was the first time they had put their skills to practice in a more urban environment. There were lots of exciting activities to take part in, led by Rachael, Natalie and Shaun – who came over from The Forge to help us. We tried new activities such as taking leaf prints, mud printing and painting, nature playdough, and obstacle building we also enjoyed cooking on the open fire, with delicious camp fire pizza and hot chocolate to keep us warm! Taking place at night added a new dimension, with headtorches on and the fire lit for extra light.

Afterward we had a quiz to see what we had learned. There were lots of positive remarks about the evening, with the staff excited to start and introduce what they had learned to the children.

We have already started rolling out Urban Forest School with some mud painting, obstacle building and planting, which you can read all about on our Facebook page.  We have also started extending some of our room cooking outside and making yummy snacks on the open fire, which everyone is loving.