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Little Bears

Two – three years

Your little ones will have certainly found their feet by the time they move up to being a Little Bear! In their lovely big room, they can charge around from one activity to the other, including sand and water troughs, role play and dressing up areas, soft play, cars, dolls, kitchens, building blocks or relax in the cosy book corner. They have access to the garden and go out at every available opportunity. Walks around the countryside and canal are part of their everyday activities, to see the canal boats and go on nature trails.

Here, potty and toilet training starts to begin, with easy access to separate toilets and potty facilities.  We work closely with parents/carers to support toilet training and encourage the children to practice good personal hygiene by thoroughly washing their hands after visiting the potty or toilet and before all snacks and mealtimes.

We love to get messy and do lots of craft, using lots of different materials and explore lots of different textures. Key skills will really start to develop such as learning colours, shapes and counting and emerging fine motor skills.
We look to develop the children’s concentration skills ready for their transition to Pre-school. Through singing, story and circle time sessions, they will learn to take turns and listen patiently to others. It’s at this age that their social skills really start to develop and real friendships start to emerge.

Emotions can run very high at this age as their minds are developing at such a fast rate and they have not yet learnt to cope with these new feelings such as excitement, frustration or anger. They are also starting to develop their own opinions and may start to test the boundaries. Our staff have years of experience and fully understand the reasons behind this behaviour. They respond by setting clear boundaries, mixed with lots of love, affection and patience.

Most importantly, we have lots of fun in a safe, stimulating and loving environment.

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