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Before/after School Club

William Shrewsbury Primary School

At Beeches Park Day Nursery, the children get to enjoy a homely and relaxing change of scenery before or after a busy day at school and get to enjoy the benefits of local trips such as a fun picnic in the park.

They are dropped off or picked up from school by experienced drivers who’s driving skills have been assessed and follow strict safety procedures. The children receive a healthy and filling breakfast in the morning before being taken to school and the member of staff waits with them until they safely go inside.

When they are picked up, any messages or feedback from the school are taken note of to relay back to the parents/carers later that day. The children receive a delicious light tea followed by fresh fruit and yoghurt on arrival at nursery and are then free to play with their friends, with full access to a huge variety of equipment and our lovely big garden, or do their homework with qualified experienced staff on hand to help them.

Staff that work with this age group