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Garden update

Lottie, Rachael and Helen have been busy working on the main garden, ready for Spring.

We’re working hard so that when the better weather comes we can really make the most of our huge garden area with some great new activities for all the children.

Some exciting changes include:

  • Newly planted climbers along the fence
    These will provide some colour, shade and screening for us in the garden, as well as some beautiful smells. We’ve also planted a Blackberry climber – yummy Blackberry & Apple Crumble later this year!
  • The start of our Forest School area
    We’ve taken delivery of some stumps to sit on and have installed the start of our firepit. We’re looking forward to using from now on
  • Some exciting Forest School loose parts to play with, lots of stacking, and building opportunities
  • We’ve re-planted some of our Queens Canopy Trees into bigger pots
  • The greenhouse has had some care and attention and is ready to get sowing some veggies
    We still reserve some water bottles in the staff room so any on-going repairs can be done – plus it’s great recycling!
  • We’ll be installing our new water butt to collect rainwater to water the plants with, as well as an irrigation system

Lots more exciting changes to come, and we’re only 2 weeks into the new year!