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Maths Champions – how it will benefit your child

As a nursery, we have recently signed up for an exciting project called Maths Champions.

This programme is designed to develop maths teaching in Early Years settings by supporting the practitioners (called the “Maths Champion”) to create and fulfil an action plan for improving maths teaching. The National Day Nurseries Association is providing support to our Maths Champion with online resources and one-to-one advice and our dedicated staff members have already started their learning.

We are particularly passionate about this programme as children’s early maths ability can be correlated with attainment in maths and other subjects in later life. This falls within our STEM teaching and supporting children in subjects that will provide them with a strong start in life in key subject areas.

Maths is historically an area that many early years settings struggle with, but we are already very fortunate to have a Teacher-Led Pre-School, that coupled with this new support means we can offer exceptional teaching to the children in our care and provide for them the stepping stone they need to be exceptional young learners.