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Staffordshire Air Aware Campaign

Did you know that just one minute of idling your car can fill the equivalent of 150 balloons with pollution?  HGVs are more than double that!

We love where our nursery setting is, we’re so accessible for many families in Burton on Trent and surrounding areas with easy access to the A38, but… with commuting comes pollution, especially from idling cars. Plus there are the fast-food drive-throughs nearby and the lorries parked whilst waiting to unload, and come summer we all love a bit of air-conditioning on in the car, don’t we!

What does idling mean?  Idling is a term used when the engine of your car is running and the car is not moving. This means any exhaust fumes emitted are not dispersed whilst the car moves, but are built-up in one area, making a significant spike in pollution.
With this in mind, when we saw the Staffordshire County Council initiative for being more Air Aware we knew we wanted to be involved. So we’ve signed up for the Staffordshire Air Aware Campaign and we’re going to do our bit to make our little corner of Burton on Trent a little less polluted.
We have posters and banners which will be displayed in the car park and surrounding area to promote this campaign and we will be educating our staff, parents, and children on what air pollution means, how it affects us all and the importance of not idling when in your car.
We will also be asking all delivery drivers who visit our nursery to turn off their engines whilst they wait.
These changes will all make a difference and we’re looking forward to #doingourbit
If you would like any more information on this campaign then Staffordshire County Council has a very good video which you can view here: