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The problem with ‘free’ childcare

The Early Years Alliance recently published a very informative and interactive guide which perfectly explains the current situation childcare providers are in with regards to Early Years funding and ‘Free’ child places.

It’s a common misconception that the amount the Government gives to childcare providers enables them to offer the places for free. Each county provides a different amount and this amount can vary wildly. There is a wide disparity between Staffordshire and Derbyshire councils for example.

This interactive video explains really clearly what the Governments free childcare offer actually means to providers. Click here to access the interactive video.

Early years providers find themselves in an impossible position. Without adequate government funding, many lose money for every ‘free’ place they offer. This situation has worsened since the national roll-out of the 30-hours offer. We believe the only way that the early entitlement scheme can work in the long term is if it is funded properly.